Global Prep Micro-Farm

We have some exciting news at Global Prep Academy! GPA at Riverside #44 has been approved for the creation of a school micro-farm and learning space! We are so excited to get started on this big project in creating more opportunities for the community and school to partner together for a common goal.

At Global Prep Academy, we believe that students should have hands-on learning that is meaningful and cross-curriculuar. We teach students in both Spanish and English during the school day and with hands-on and student centered “expeditions” which focus on learning through units of study. One of our major focuses during the school year and across grade levels is teaching about our environment. This includes lessons on life-cycles, habitats, native species, environmental stewardship, and health.

We believe that children should have daily access to green-spaces for both their health and their education. Our vision is to bring the space to life with the students taking the lead in planting, harvesting, and interacting daily with the community space. We would like to build an outdoor learning space which includes:

-Rebuilding wood boxes for raised vegetable beds
-Planting butterfly friendly plants
-Adding in native plants to Indiana
-Building an outdoor stage/chalkboard for outdoor learning
-Adding outdoor and child-friendly seating for students
-Including a chicken coop and four hens
-Planting vegetables for harvesting during the school year and incorporating into our school lessons
-Building a little free library for the community
-Adding a community  bulletin board
-Adding a sensory garden for children
-Creating a fire-pit for community events
-Building a shed in order to protect our investment in tools and garden purchases

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.58.02 PM

Each of these ideas needs funding in order to come to life for our students. We can’t do this project alone.

To help us with our dream of bringing a micro-farm to our students at Global Prep, please consider making a donation to our garden fund below. Please note “garden fund” in your donation.

Click here to make a secure donation though PayPal

As always, follow us at and on twitter at @globalprepindy for updates on the school micro-farm!